I hear people talk about doubt a lot.  Self-doubt particularly. Like I’ll ask someone about what they want to create or manifest, and they’ll tell me some awesome, inspiring, totally achievable thing, and then when I ask what’s holding them back, they’ll say “doubt”.  

As if claiming doubt is a legit excuse to not taking a step in the direction of your wonderful, beautiful dreams.

The thing about doubt is that it’s inherent to humanness. We all can claim it if we wanted to, and most of us do, often. It’s not unique to anyone’s particular lot in life. Some of us inherited more doubt energy from our parents and guardians than others of us did, and so have some deeper doubt habits to unravel, but still, when you think about doubt as an invisible non-existent idea that we just decide we have, it can get undone pretty quickly.


The opposite of doubt is belief.

Did you know that we can actually just decide to believe in the things that we currently feel doubt about?

Like --


I believe that I can make an abundant living simply by being my authentic self and listening to my curiosity and showing up for my inspiration.

I believe that my conscious partnership is right round the corner.

I believe that my sister is getting a kidney soon.

I believe that my passed-over parents are having the best time wherever they are, and are still actively nurturing my growth.

I believe that in the not-so-distant future, I’ll be soaking in an exotic Thailand jungle spa remembering when I didn’t think things like that were possible for me.

I believe that love will always prevail.

I believe that we are all evolving, so very rapidly.  


Now, why the bleep would I waste any energy doubting any of that?


We are usually doubting the things that we want most. It’s like this fucked-up protective function our brains do to keep us safe from disappointment. But how safe are we actually, when we’re not believing in our capabilities, connections, visions, and hearts?  



Lately, I’ve taken doubt off the table as an excuse I can use to delay my life. And since doubt is off the table, I’ve had to replace it with other things… things like faith, trust and optimism. Things like discipline, consistency and grounding. When doubt is off the table, I feel powerful AF. When doubt is off the table, I AM powerful AF.   


And I didn’t have to do some big, grandiose thing to rid myself of it. Nah, I just sat right here and decided that DOUBT IS NO LONGER AN OPTION. And then when I notice it creepin’ back in, I just remind myself again that I don’t get to use that one anymore.


Because on the other side of doubt is all the delicious possibility.


Let’s hang out there. Come hang out in delicious possibility land with me. We need each other.


Here’s to believing.