I want to introduce to you this really funny habit we have as humans, I call it, superfluous waiting. (Because I really like that word, superfluous).



Sometimes waiting is our highest and best option. Like we legit feel in our bones that it’s not quite the time to have that conversation, or quit that less than satisfying job, or separate from our long-term partner. Even though there's a vision of that happening at some point down the line, we feel that something is still cooking, still being learned, still evolving. In many circumstances, Waiting = Grace.   


And, other times, we’re just telling ourselves all kinds of make-believe stories as to why we can’t move forward just quite yet.


I recently read an article one of my top gals sent to me about the 7 ways to be joyfully single. I don’t even remember the first 6 things, but the 7th one really stuck with me.  


It said something like, “live your life like you are going to be single forever.”


Now let me just say: this runs 100% counter to a fundamental belief I’ve adopted around manifesting what I want in life (which is to hold the vision for the thing, unrelentingly). Yet in my very depths, I knew this was some life-changing, rocking-ass-advice.


Here’s why it moved me so>> It moved me because it illuminated how much of my life I’ve been putting on hold, waiting for my ideal life partner to show up.


Things like, moving into a house. Things like, traveling internationally. Things like, core contentment.


Basically most of my fundamental dreams and desires, other than being of mad service to my community which I'm dedicated to no matter what.



When I really sat with the idea of making decisions for my life like I’m going to be single forever, I felt incredibly liberated. I felt my heart expand in its potential for exploration and fun and freedom. The old “waiting for my person” game is so ingrained in me as the only option, that this new approach is still taking some getting used to. I’m still a bit baffled by the idea.. “you mean I don’t have to wait for my person to be here in order to do the things that my soul is primed and ready and hungry for?”


Wow. Sweet deal!    


Now, don’t get me wrong, I still want an aligned, expansive, conscious partnership (duuuuh). And, what I’m learning now is the art of holding that desire, while at the same time, making choices for my life that are based on my life, as it is, in this right here, right now, reality.


Because my best partner is going to want the woman who is living her best life. Period.


Which means…


No. More. Waiting.

Or in the very least, waaaaaaaaaay less of it.


So how can we tell when waiting is actually for our highest and best, and when we’re imposing it on ourselves due to some fear stories of not being ready, good, safe enough?


Here are THREE SIGNS that it’s time to make some moves and ditch the waiting game:


  1. You’ve been complaining about the same thing for a really long time.  Like for the past 2 years, you’ve been talking about moving, or leaving, or changing this or that. You’re sick of talking about it. Your friends/family are sick of hearing about it.

  2. Dread is a very real part of your day/week/life. Dread is a CLEAR signal that your soul is no longer in alignment with the thing your doing, person you’re seeing, place you’re living. Please listen to it. Please respect it.

  3. You can’t remember the last time you felt inspired, excited, enchanted, connected. If you aren’t running high-vibe emotional frequencies on a regular basis, than you are living in a way that is not serving you. You are waiting unnecessarily to make some much needed changes.


And so I ask you: What are you waiting for?



Are you waiting to be financially secure enough to finally pursue something that actually lights you up?


Are you waiting to be healed, stable, courageous enough to finally ask that person out you’ve been crushing on for months?


Are you waiting to have a clear plan, a clear goal, a clear purpose, to take any kind of inspired action in any kind of direction?


Are you waiting until you are absolutely, 100% positively sure that you won’t get rejected or abandoned to share your deeper feelings with someone you really care about? 


What are YOU waiting for?


And what’s possible for you, on the other side of that waiting?


Don’t get too stuck on the how. That will all work itself out. All you have to do is decide that something’s got to give. That you’re ready for change. That your heart and eyes are wide open to receive your next inspired move. And then just do something in that direction. Doesn’t have to be the ultimate thingBut just some little thing that tells the Universe that you’re done waiting and are officially ready to expand now.    


And if you need support, accountability + someone to process your journey toward a more inspired life with, hit me up for some coaching. You know I got you <3