I’ve been having a lot of breakthroughs lately.

Here’s what I mean by breakthrough…

You know how there all kinds of ideas and concepts and quotes floating around out there about how to heal, grow, and live your best life? A breakthrough is when one of those ideas becomes a fully embodied understanding. Like some cliché-ass-thing you’ve been hearing for years opens up and becomes a truth in YOUR BODY. An undeniable knowing that is now sacredly stored in your wisdom chamber, bringing you into clearer alignment with the you that feels the most yummy and true.

In essence, breakthroughs are absolutely delicious, and I want to share two of my most recent breakthroughs with you.

Breakthrough #1)

You can’t be emotionally available to anyone unless you are emotionally available to yourself.  And what's so cool is that becoming emotionally available to yourself does not require any secret trick, skill, or training. There’s no mystery here. It’s simply having WILLINGNESS to feel what you feel, without being a jerk to yourself about it.

When we give ourselves the chance to feel what’s honest and tender and real, and stay kind to ourselves when it gets uncomfortable, we can then give other people that opportunity too. When we give other people that opportunity, while simultaneously giving it to ourselves, we become capable of having deep-healing-fun-wild-restorative intimacy. And it all starts with our willingness to feel our own feelings with self-compassion.

Ain’t that somethin’?

Breakthrough #2)

How someone treats you has very little to do with how they feel about you. It has a whole lot more to do with how THEY feel about THEM, and how YOU feel about YOU.

Allow me to explain further: The treatment we tolerate from others is a direct reflection of how worthy we feel of love/care/grace/acceptance. And how we are able to show up for others is a direct reflection of how much honoring we’ve got flowing back to our own internal God-Source.

So if someone is an asshole to you, it’s just not about you, sweetheart. Though If you keep inviting him/her back in to flex their judgmental/aloof/manipulative ways all up in your business, then that’s on you boo.

The reason why this breakthrough rocked my socks so much, is that with it, I’m able to let go of hurt feelings I’ve been carrying for ages in regards to how certain people in my past were unable to show up for me. I can release it because it literally had nothing to do with me. Except for my own relationship with me and what I was willing to put up with, based on how I felt about myself at the time. And now that up-leveling my feelings of worthiness is a daily intention and practice, I don’t have to worry about dishonoring relationships making me feel all small and sad anymore. PHEW.

That’s it for now. Hope something landed <3