From my last post, you know how much I LOVE when clichés actually land.

The cliché that’s landing so hard for me right now, is that every “problem” is a gift. Every “problem” has in it an opportunity to refine, grow, and become more clear on what we are really here to do, and how to go about doing all that bomb-ass-sacred-shit that’s ours to do.


For example:

This week, I literally had 6 or 7 client cancellations.  I’d go to my office, get my table set up, light the candle, place the crystals, bless the cards, smudge the space, say a prayer for the being who was soon to be sitting in front of me. I’d take deep breaths and ground myself, and call on the spirit guides to help me hold the space. Then my phone would buzz and it would be my client letting me know that they couldn’t make it today.


Since I’d done all that sacred space-setting, I’d pull a card for myself. Then I’d take it all down.


“Sorry spirit guides, again, for interrupting you from your divine tasking.”


Now, I’m not too much of a stickler about clients needing to cancel. Shit happens. Shit happens to all of us, pretty regularly. But when that shit happens 6 times over the course of one week (and one of the times was me needing to cancel), it had me wondering. It had me wondering about me -- the common denominator of all my clients, and what part of myself, as a healer, as a coach, as a space-holder, I wasn’t taking seriously enough.



After my two scheduled sessions canceled yesterday (albeit for legit reasons), I realized I needed to get introspective, and take a moment to feel into what expired ideas I was holding onto about myself, and what needed to change in my belief system and therefore my healing practice.


And I realized some things. I realized that I’m still playing it safe by having my clients pay per session, rather than really asking them to invest in themselves and pre-pay for their program when they commit to one (or half of it on a payment plan). Some part of me wanted to give them an out, because some part of me wasn’t fully believing in my magic, my skills, my glow, and my capacity to help them transform.


Ouch. Okay. Noted.


After I licked my wounds, I got to revel in how this “problem” is a perfect Godly gift because it’s getting me up-close and personal with a belief that’s officially run its course. My clients canceled this week because it’s time for me to uplevel my belief and trust in myself.


The only proof I need of my capacity as a healer, is how my client feels at the end of their session. And I can say with 100% confidence that all of them are beaming rays of sparkle light by the time we’ve moved through whatever process we’ve moved through together.


I can also say, that the ones who stick around and really commit to their healing journey, make profound changes in their lives, and find themselves more in-tune and trusting of themselves, more courageous in their ability to make big life choices, and more forgiving of themselves and everyone else along the way.


And so knowing that, I’m making some adjustments to the way I structure my business and the commitment I’m asking people to make to themselves, and to me as their guide. It’s scary, and it’s time.


And that’s what problems are for. They are here to offer us rich information. They are brimming with opportunity to adjust and realign. They are amazing allies on our journey.


And so, my wisdom for you today is to BLESS YOUR PROBLEM. Whatever your problem may be, it’s guaranteed here to help you evolve and strengthen and refine your existence.



The way to bless your problem is to remove yourself from being the victim of it. Once your problem is no longer something that’s happening to you, and is reframed as something that’s happening for you, the lessons become so very clear, so very fast.


So, what problem can you bless today?


I’d love to hear, if you’re open to sharing.


Peace Glory Babe.