Sweet Human,

The other day when I was shopping at the local natural foods co-op, I allowed myself to get a lil' somethin' somethin' extra special. I traveled over to the aromatherapy section, ready to drop $15 on a tiny bottle filled with something magical. There’s this one variety that I’m particularly drawn to (Kate's Magik) because the aromatic blends have exciting intentions associated with them. Things like, Healing the Heart, Peace and PurificationFertility and Manifestation, Fearlessness and Confidence, Sensual Lust and Passion, etc. etc. (there’s about 20 total). I stood in front of the display, taking a sniff from each of the little bottles, feeling into the energy of the intention that each one offers, and asking myself, “which of these do I need more so than any of the others?”

It’s a really hard question, mostly because I had to seperate my wants from my needs. I WANT to manifest the shit out of my life. I WANT to feel confident as much as humanly possible. I WANT sensual lust and passion to be a really regular occurrence in my body. But what I need… what I really, truly need is support in letting go (which just so happens to be one of the varieties, a blend of rose otto + cedarwood).


Here’s why: Because letting go is the gateway to all that other stuff. It’s quite literally, and obviously, the only way to make space for what we actually want to experience. And as you are well aware and acquainted, these minds are quite the coyote tricksters… in many senses, but particularly in the sense that they love to hang on to shit for dear life. To things, people, ideas, and beliefs that are causing discomfort. It’s almost like, the more painful the thought, the more the mind wants to chew on it, dissect it, and analyze it to a pulp. The more that thought is not in alignment with feeling good and whole and pure and connected, THAT’S the one the mind seems to want to wrestle with in every opportune moment.

Many religions and spiritual practices are built around addressing this very thing.

So what can we do about it? Well, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been doing about it lately. I’ve been monitoring my moods. When my mood gets funky, it 100% of the time can be sourced to some mindset that is not an empowering one. When I have broken through to a place of awareness and witnessing my mind tryna play dirty, I can ask myself, “is this thought serving me right now?” If the answer is no, which it always is, I do my best to take an inspired action that counteracts the default setting of my mind (it just defaults to negative, what can I say), and I summon the courage and intention to let go of whatever it’s so desperately clinging to. Action is the key here, because it’s really hard to think yourself into a new place. Sometimes I release through deep breathing, often times through moving my body, I like to take showers and ask spirit to wash all stagnant, unserving energy out of my aura. I’ve been doing a lot of tapping lately. And now I have the pleasure of rubbing my “letting go” oil on my heart and remembering again and again, a hundred times a day, that letting go is liberation.

*Also, just a reminder, that our trickster minds are like innocent children and don’t do well with shame and judgement and blame. That’s usually what is needing to be released in the first place. So when you catch the trickster, it helps to be a sweetie to it, and have a little chuckle, “oh mind, you’re so silly with your default modes! But hey, I still love you.”


Letting go does not mean shutting down, turning off, or building a wall. It’s quite the opposite really. It’s about staying WIDE OPEN to the energies that are here to actually support and serve. It’s about having enough space in your own heartspace to be of loving service to other hearts who really need it. It’s about releasing age-old behaviors that haven’t done any good the first 647 times that you engaged in them, and finally choosing to put them down, trusting that you’re letting them go for something SO MUCH higher. Lighter. Yummier. WAY more fucking TRUE.

My best gal leads a full-moon circle which is the ultimate time for setting intentions for releasing. A bunch of powerful ladies, gathered in a circle, getting really clear on what’s ready to be purged. And with the power of our collective voices and consciousness, we throw it into the cauldron of love, to be composted back into the earth. This particular friend and I are always talking about living a lifestyle of Letting Go.It’s really powerful to do a community ritual like this on the monthly, and it’s also something that can be a part of our everyday flow. We can ask ourselves before bed, “What am I ready to release from this day?” and keep ourselves so crystal clear.

When we give ourselves permission to let it all go, we are giving ourselves permission to have it all.

So, my question for you is, what are you ready to let go of?


Would love to hear what ya got.

Peace and Release.