Inner growth can feel so invisible.

It has this way of happening when it doesn’t necessarily appear like anything is happening at all.

It happens through our pain.

Through our anxiety.

Through our tears.


It’s happening every time we have an impulse to react in a familiar way, a way that hasn’t served us a thousand times before, and choose to lay that way down, at least for now.

It happens when we sit in the anxiety, in the fear, in all the big emotions that accompany an encounter with the unknown.

It happens every time we are scared, and do the brave thing anyway.

Like sharing how we honestly feel.

Or letting someone know where our boundaries are.

Or opting in to connection despite our feelings of inadequacy.

Or processing our emotions through a creative outlet when it isn’t an appropriate time to share with another.

It happens when we take a pause to feel wtf we are feeling.

When we give ourselves the decency to accept wtf we are feeling as valid and okay.

It happens when we offer ourselves encouraging language to get through what we are feeling, reminding ourselves of things like,

This too shall pass.


I can still love myself here.  

It happens when we make an attempt to better our moment for ourselves.

When we take an action that is self-supportive.


And when we make a conscious choice to keep our heart open when everything in us is pleading to shut it down and turn away.

It happens when we take the risk to ask for what we need to feel physically and emotionally safe.

And when we are compassionate with ourselves, even just a little bit, when others aren’t able to fulfill the needs we bravely voiced.

Growth isn’t comfortable.

And it certainly isn’t always apparent.

But it’s happening.

In hundreds of small ways every single day.

Way more often than we think.

We are growing way more than we can even know.

Cheers to all of our invisible growing and every ounce of discomfort that goes along with it.

One day it’s going to be so very clear how very far we’ve come.

Patience with your progress,