I've been working with Halley over the past few years. I can say wholeheartedly that much of the positive change I've made in my life would not have been accomplished without her support and guidance. She's extremely compassionate, intuitive, and non-judgmental. She provides a gentle yet grounded space to explore issues and strategize new ways of thinking and living. I'm forever grateful! --Michelle Mahlman, Life Coach



I have been working with Halley and she has helped me holistically get through some of the practical, and energetic blockages that I have been experiencing for most of my life. This is something that readers have failed to do or not nearly as effectively as she has. She is always attentive, and peaceful, and patient as she provides the needed guide points in my life. Her tools seem relevant and effective at bridging the gaps where I have fallen short in the past and I am progressively growing stronger in my emotional self, clearer in my mental self, more productive in my action self, and more enlightened in my spiritual self. Working in her presence obtains results that are progressive in areas that I wasn't even expecting or thought of. She has a talented eye for your blind spots and has great tools to help you cover those. I look forward to working with her until all my goals are completed! --Rich Rios, Hypnotherapist



I go to Halley at key transition points in my life because she provides so much more than a simple oracle reading.  She provides a safe and welcoming space to reveal, unpack and release pain I am holding.  She casts the labyrinth I need to walk in order to reveal the next steps in my life.  She listens deeply and with impeccable empathy.  I highly recommend her services. --Michaela Daystar, Teacher + Energy Healer


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My sister and I had the privilege of experiencing a healing collage session guided by Halley. After a difficult year, Halley helped us to cultivate images which reflected our inner experience so we could process them emotionally and spiritually. Halley helped our sisterhood grow stronger through this beautiful shared experience. I return to my collage frequently and each time I find more depth and wisdom within. Since our session with Halley, I have found continued clarity and peace, and increased trust in myself and my intuition. I am so grateful to Halley for providing this sacred space for deep soul healing. --Kelly Marie, Artist



I was left speechless and extremely thoughtful from Halley's reading. Her gift is clear and I'm so grateful for her guidance. In explaining how our session went I simply say that she helped me to see the things I didn't want to see but really needed to. I feel deeply connected to the messages I got yesterday and that they are an integral part of healing and figuring out this wild and beautiful life of mine. Deepest gratitude to her. --Emilie Beecroft, Mother + Teacher


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I am almost 70 and I have had a few readings in my life by now. Halley was hands down the very best experience. First Halley creates a safe and comfortable space physically and emotionally. She has a calm and yet professional energy that allows for trust and openness to the process. The Oracle readings combined with my personal knowledge of my life in this moment lead me to understand what the "heck" is going on with me and Halley helped me to see the positive path that the cards were implicating. Her intuitive understandings provided a much needed perception of what I may have felt were struggles. I left with a great feeling of hope and knowledge of my path today. She is the "real deal"! --Pam Jones, Yogi



I'm your typical skeptic when it comes to tarot and astrology, but even I can appreciate Halley's skill and insight with her art, and her empathetic powers are undeniable. I got my reading on my birthday, it gave me a lot to think about, and was a very helpful tool in analyzing where I'm at and where I'm going. I would highly recommend anyone who is open to the experience to give Halley a call and set up a reading, she really is attuned to some special frequencies. --Drew Walker, Musician and Sound Engineer



I am so thankful for this woman. The light she shares is unmeasurable. On the days that I feel stuck or challenged, Halley is there to bring me back to balance and peace. My cup runneth over. --Greta Heath, Mother + Nurse




Halley is a tremendously resourceful visionary.  She has this amazing ability to understand exactly what's needed, when it's needed and how.  She knows how to lead in a way that facilitates growth and wisdom in others. She provides space and support for others to flourish and reach their own insight and potential. --Mandy Lechner, Children's Book Writer and Illustrator