Do you have a special young person in your life, with uncommon qualities and unique gifts?  You may describe them as an old soul, beyond their years, emotionally, psychologically and/or spiritually advanced. They may feel "strange" or "different" in their peer groups, disinterested in mainstream kid stuff, and more sensitive than the average kid on the block.

In being one of these kids myself, and from my many years of working with youth in community and classroom art settings, something I learned about the spiritually and emotionally advanced is that they require sufficient individualized attention to process their dynamic and complex feelings, while getting to know, and learning to trust their gifts. 

Through creative journaling and arts-based activities, I help young people feel safe, comfortable and secure in their unique flavors of being in the world. Together, we journey to discover what is really important to them and how to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of life. We practice what it means to act and choose from an authentic place within, so that they are equipped with tools as they grow into empowered, healthy, connected adults. 

Ages 10-16

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions Available.